Sunday, June 7, 2009

Google Reader - RSS

As we are talking this week about RSS and how to add all our favorite blogs, sites, wikis to our Google Reader, I've aggregated all participants blogs in one folder in Google Reader and then I made the folder public by going to the "settings", "Folders and tags". After making it public, I clicked on "add a blogroll to your site", I copied the crazy code there and just copied to this post so that you have an idea of it. The ideal is to add it to your class sidebar if you have students with individual blogs, or if you want to call the attention of your blog audience to certain blogs you enjoy reading.

Here's how the blogroll will look like:

You can also add a "clip", which is like the latest updates on the group blogs so that it's easier for your audience and you to visualize the latest posts on a blog, for example:

And how about sharing a clip of your favorite shared items?

All of this is made through the "Settings" part of your google reader. If you have any questions or comments about this, just ask here!

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joseantonio said...

Hello Carla,

This is fantastic. I just loved the blogroll idea. It is really helpful to have all your students blogs in one place.
all the best
Jose Antonio