Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Edublog Talk - part 2

As I explore the new blogging endeavors of the Webtools4Educators participants, I feel the same excitement I had when I started blogging. It´s a semantic world where we reveal ourselves, we learn more about ourselves and our preferences, tendencies. It´s a faithful portraits of the individuals in their many facets.

One main challenge of blogging is certainly how to keep the conversations going, how to encourage your audience to reply, to comment, to think. What strategies would you use to encourage this dialogic approach?

Well, here´s my comment to all of you and one way to encourage the flow of conversations. You´ve been actively interacting, so instead of keeping the conversation in the comment area, I bring it again to the front page with another post. Any more brilliant ideas? I´d love to finish the week with a pout-pourri of effective ways of edublog talk.

Please, be a little patient for the video to load.


joseantonio said...

Hello Carla,

Really a wonderful message. I especially liked what you have said about learning in the digital world. You never know everything and you are always learning.
As you said, blog is challenging and the biggest challenge for me is to engage people, to keep the conversation going.
If blogs are for conversation, it is not always that you manage to be the good conversationalist (just like in real life)
Kindest regards

Carla Arena said...

Dear José Antônio, that´s so true! And sometimes the topics we address and the way we say things make the difference.

GilMattos said...

Hi Carla...
Great to listen to you and refresh some of the concepts we discussed about blogging last year. It's also inspiring to see this new group so active. It is a challenge (no one can deny it) - try to engage students into edublogging. I've been trying really hard and now it seems I can see some of the seeds I've sowed finally growing. For some it is disorienting and so the secret is going step by step. I believe that if we do what we preach people will hopefully see the potential of all these wonderful tools available and get that hands dirty as well.
Always sheer pleasure to hear/read from you all.
See you soon!!!
Regards from cold Franca.