Friday, September 25, 2009

This Is Where I Am Now

This Is Where I Am Now
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My son is sick. I got home earlier. Now, I can enjoy the comfort of my home in a pleasant afternoon to be with my kids, work a bit and connect to my friends, colleagues in the Web Tools group. What else could I want from life?

Note: I took this photo from my cellphone, used the email Flickr gives me to send photos from emails, cellphones, and then I just clicked the "blog this" button!


Dani Lyra said...

Hi Carla,

Your home looks bright and cheerful. Sorry about your kid, is he better by now? I'll try posting some photos straight from my cell. This could be a great homework task for students, right? Would be a great way to start the week... Show your photos and talk about your weekend... I just love all these new possibilities you're helping me see. Thank you!

Claudia Helena Schmitz said...

Hi Carla!
Cozy environment! I don't know about you, but I love to work at home, which I do 80% of the time.
Of course I don't have kids!!!
How many kids do you have?

Carla Arena said...

@Cláudia . I also love to work at home. I spent two years (2007-2008) working at home when we lived abroad. However, I enjoy being with co-workers, as well. The teachers´ room is a fun place to be at!
I have two kids, one is 7 and the other is 9.

@Dani I´m glad you´re enjoying the ride and I can´t wait to see your digital experiments with your groups when you get back to the classroom. I´m sure I´ll be learning a lot of new tricks with you.

marry said...

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