Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day

The text I read is available on Bud Hunt's blog at

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GilMattos said...

In a word? SUPERB!!
You are really one of a kind. Thank you so much!

Gabi Anjos said...

Beautiful text! Tears came to my eyes ...
I felt ashamed of letting pessimism strike me sometimes . We certainly can find time in our tight schedule to boost learning and inspiring our students.

Happy Teachers Day!

Gabi Anjos said...

I mean, "inspire" our students!

Maria da Luz said...

That's awesome! You make the DIFFERENCE!
Happy Teacher´s Day!

cristiane batista said...

Hi Carla !
Nice ! Happy teacher´s day too !

Carla Arena said...

@Gilmar @Marie All of us educators are one of a kind, aren't we? In one way or the other, we all make a difference to others, right?

@Gabi Bud is a true inspiration in the blogosphere. I asked permission to him today to read his text and publish it and he had such a nice reply...We need to find time for our learners and ourselves.
Have a wonderful day. I wish I were there to celebrate with you all!

@Cristiane Have a wonderful day and many to come, as well!

Anonymous said...

Dear Carla,
Thanks for the kind words. Thy are food for thought. Have a wonderful teachers' day!

Victor Botelho